It used to be that cool geeky jewelry was pretty hard to find, but now, there are so many options that I’m having a hard time holding onto our credit cards, which is exactly the case with this fun USB necklace that I think will make a tech-savvy mom very happy this Mother’s Day. Hint hint. 

I fell in love with Monserat De Lucca when I discovered their sign language alphabet necklaces, and this USB necklace is no exception. And not just because it looks like the Cool Mom Tech logo. Well, okay, maybe, but really, it’s such a clever twist on the typical geeky pendant necklaces you tend to see.

USB necklace by Monserat De Lucca

Hard disk necklace by Monserat De Lucca

I’m also digging the hard disk necklace, which I admit is making me a little nostalgic. Either way, you’ll score big points with the mom in your life who loves her tech and isn’t afraid to show it, along with her fabulous taste in accessories, of course.

You can purchase the USB necklace and the hard disk necklace at Monserat De Lucca. 

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