Here are our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


The Death Star gets a Lego Friends makeover. Whoa.

The Tonight Show’s XBOX With My Mom contest is cracking us up.

Ever wonder how to add a location tag to your Instagram photos after you’ve left that spot? Great tip!

You can now roast your coffee using your smart phone. Hello 2015.

Turn your kids’ screen time into learning time with these cool online camps.

Pizza in the Wild: A funny photo series by Jonpaul Douglass

This pizza in the wild photo series by Jonpaul Douglass made us smile. (via swiss miss)

How to DIY your own bokeh photo background. Cool!

This cool website gives you new plans, patterns, and ideas for what to do with your old Lego kits. Genius!

A free summer math program for kids. Awesome!

Is your child an excuse to buy the Apple Watch? If so, then we’ll take two, thanks!

This new Facebook feature makes it easier to read your favorite articles.

So wait, now Silicon Valley has a fashion week? You won’t believe who they picked as models.

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