Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


One of our favorite storybook apps for kids is now only $.99 for a limited time. Hurry!

We love that Lyft is teaming up with Ford to offer 10,000 free rides to breast cancer patients to and from their treatment. Just share something that brightens your day on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the #MoreGoodDays hashtag and you’re giving a free ride to someone who really needs it.

Apps parents should know about: The Periscope live streaming app, which is now available for Android.

Are your smart phone habits destructive? Interesting perspective from someone who actually makes a living off of them.

This card-sized Gameboy inspired gadget blew up its Kickstarter goal! (via Pop Sugar Tech)


Star Wars Darth Vader free iPhone wallpaper. Hilarious.

We’re loving all these geeky iPhone wallpapers, like this Darth Vader one.

A reminder that your Instagram photos aren’t really yours. Whoa.

Attention Android users! HBO Now will soon be available for you too, just in time for True Detective next month we hear.

You can now Shazam images. Cool.

Could this finally be the end to terrible WIFI on planes? We hope so.

And this fun Instagram account will add some color to your feed. (via Laughing Squid

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