Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you like them as much as we did.


They’re making a full-sized R2D2 that just so happens to be a refrigerator. And yes, it will deliver your drinks.

Ever wonder why your iPhone switches between the slider button and the decline/accept button when you get a call? Here’s the answer.

Congrats to the 6 video games that were just inducted into the new video game hall of fame. Any guesses which iconic games made it?

How Instagram has changed fashion forever.

Well, here’s one way to stop students from using their cell phones in class.


DIY Photo Puzzle for Father's Day that the kids can make

We love this easy DIY photo puzzle that the kids can make for Father’s Day. Need more crafts and printables from the kids? Head over to the Cool Mom Picks Father’s Day gift guide!

Speaking of Father’s day, these fitness trackers are amazing. And look stylish outside the gym too.

Another cable subscription channel is launching their own streaming service ala HBO Now.

Beats Pill owners: Check your model to see if it has been recalled.

In defense of vaguebooking.

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