Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them too.


We’re loving The Monster Project, where kids draw monsters and artists around the world recreate them to help teach kids the importance of creativity and imagination.

Why your kids love Snapchat and why you should let them. (Psst: We love it too! We’re CoolMomPicks on the app. Clever, huh?).

This graphic novel makes the iTunes terms and conditions much more entertaining to read.

The newest, tiniest camera you’ll want to add to your holiday wish list.

Would you let Gmail auto reply to your emails? That’s coming soon. Whoa.

With the holidays around the corner, this piece on the high cost of delivery app convenience caught our attention.


Bill Nye movie posters | via imgur users morned92

These photoshopped photos of Bill Nye into famous movie posters might just be our favorite thing this week, like this one by imgur user morned92.

A complete guide to all the new iOS 9 emojis. What does that taco really mean? Heh.

Speaking of emojis, here’s a sneak peek at what might be coming out next year.

Goodbye stars, hello hearts! Twitter reacts to the new “like” feature. (We’ll admit. We’re iffy).

Many children under 5 are left to their own mobile devices. Surprising? Or… not.

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