Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them!


Not just any holiday wreath will do! Check out all of these pretty rad geeky wreaths.

Here’s why Zara might be adding iPads to their dressing rooms.

Holiday shopping help: Cool STEM toys and gifts for kids.

Big baby news for Mark Zuckerberg! Here’s the buzz about their huge charitable donation and what it means.

Liz talks about babies and apps over at Racked.

Sonos + Apple Music = Whoo!


10 Kinds of People Binary shirt at Poutine Press on Etsy

Calling our fellow geeks. Isn’t this binary t-shirt hilarious?

The scoop on all the rumors about Apple ditching the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone.

A must-read parents: Why you should avoid Internet-connected toys for kids.

Facebook makes breaking up easier with these new features.

Awesome news for JetBlue travelers who are also Amazon Prime members.

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