Documentaries are hot¬†right now. The whole earth seems to be¬†obsessed with Making a Murderer,¬†and¬†movies like What Happened Miss Simone?,¬†Man on Wire¬†and¬†Jiro Dreams of Sushi¬†have been big¬†hits in the last few years too.¬†I’m not surprised, considering¬†I’m a sucker for a great¬†documentary too.¬†So I’m excited to dive into the new website¬†CuriosityStream, which features more than a thousand¬†truly high-quality, well-produced, documentaries, all of them streamed to you without¬†commercials.

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Now, the documentaries¬†on CuriosityStream¬†skew more educational and fact-based than the pop-culture docs¬†you’ll see on Netflix, but that’s fantastic for kids — and adults — who are fascinated¬†by the true stories about topics as diverse as¬†volcanoes, Mars, D-Day, Stonehenge, viking women, or the man who murdered Sherlock Holmes.

There are full length features, as well as episodic series ready for your binge-watching pleasure. And they’re amazingly well-curated; not surprising considering the founder was the former chairman at Discovery.

To find a movie, you can search by any topic or browse their categories — science, technology, civilization and human spirit — with dozens of subcategories in each one. How much would a science-loving kid adore the science documentary category which offers the easiest way to find tons of relevant titles in such narrow categories (biology, earth, genetics, space, nature) of any streaming service I’ve seen.

Then, watch online on your computer, phone or tablet, or stream through their app if you have a Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and more.


Thousands of high-quality, streaming documentaries on every topic from CuriosityStream. Great for kids!


Doing my own quick search, I think that Transhumanism, which imagines what our future with technology will be like, sounds fascinating. My animal-loving son wants to watch Operation Doolittle with me, which examines the noises animals make to see if there are language patterns there.

And then, I’m really interested in¬†When Bjork met Attenborough, in which¬†the odd pairing of the Icelandic musician¬†and naturalist David Attenborough get together to discuss the history of music and how technology will change it going forward.

Thousands of streaming documentaries with no commercials, at Curiosity Stream.
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Now of course you have to be a serious docu buff to spend the $2.99 a month for a documentary-only service, when of course there are so many options on other streaming services you might have. However for my family, we’ve¬†followed our other editors’¬†advice on¬†how to ditch cable and switch over to individual streaming site¬†and this would be a nice addition to our current crop. We’d definitely get our money’s worth, even if we watch one film a month, and it’s still less than even a single rental on a service like YouTube or Amazon.

Plus, engaging educational documentaries are¬†a nice alternative¬†if you’re snowed in, listening to the thousandth episode of Jessie¬†and are about to lose it. Not that I’d¬†know anything about that.

Try¬†CuriosityStream¬†free for the first 30 days. After that, it’s $2.99 per month for unlimited, commercial-free documentaries.

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