Here are some of our favorite tech links from this week. Hope you enjoy them too!


This cool mom turned an old playroom into a super rad NES game room for her kids.

How to write the perfect email. Or at least, one that will have the best chance of getting read. (via pop sugar tech)

If Hogwarts had an IT guy. Awesome!

So, mousejacking is totally a thing. Better check your wireless mouse, folks.

Amazon is no longer selling hoverboards. Hm, we wonder why?


Ready for a big binge watching couple of weeks with The Fuller House and House of Cards!

Best shirt ever.

Speaking of binge watching, The Fuller House launches today on Netflix? (And House of Cards next week!).

This Twitter feed of what a woman’s boyfriend says in his sleep is hilarious.

Teaching kids math using dance and theater. Very cool.

Here’s how to use the new Facebook Reactions emoji.

Our kids are addicted to the Brains On! podcast.

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