Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them too.


Everything you need to know about all the new Apple gadgets coming soon.

Do you close apps to save your phone’s battery life? You might want to stop that right now.

This new drowsy driving warning system could save a lot of lives.

This is hilarious: Funny baby milestones every parent needs to have in photos

Is Nintendo getting rid of the Wii U?

The web version of Instagram just got a whole lot better.


Awesome geeky Purim costume via @shabboshouse on Twitter

How cool is this family’s Purim costume?

The wonderful way people are using hashtags to help the victims of the Brussels attacks.

A fun project for Osmo Masterpiece lovers. Kids can help them make the largest collection of self portraits!

Kristen talks about her social media policy for babysitters and caregivers on WISH TV.

5 questions to consider before you share photos of your kids online.

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