Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them too!


Feast your eyes on the newest Kindle e-reader.

All those hidden Facebook messages you’ve been hearing about? Found them!

Football games are now coming to Twitter! (via Pop Sugar Tech)

A super simple tip to help your iPhone charge faster.


The coolest Star Wars party ideas for kids, like this Death Star pinata | Photo credit Christina Refford

More than 40 of the coolest Star Wars party ideas for kids, like this easy Death Star pinata!

How to fix 8 common Facebook problems.

A handy new Chrome extension that lets you save web pages and images for later.

A new, helpful e-book all about SnapChat from our smart friends Amy and Jessi of MomSpark and Shuggilippo. Whether you’re an influencer or just a parent who needs a quick cheat sheet, it’s awesome.

Hot on our Facebook page this week: Some of the most glamorous wearable fitness trackers we’ve ever seen.

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