Look closely at this clock-slash-speaker. Yes, that’s a full map of the Northern Hemisphere Constellation.

New earbuds that actually cancel out a baby’s crying. Scary or genius?

We love this: A social media relay for good. Share and help a child in need.

A big $250 Target gift card giveaway! Hurry, last day to enter.

Expert tips for quitting your smart phone addiction.


The new Speck Glitter smart phone cases. Pretty!

Oooh, Speck goes glitter and we’re digging.

This photo on Amy Schumer’s Instagram account makes us love her even more.

You won’t believe what this ear piece can do. Whoa.

The Snapchat news that everyone’s talking about this week.

3 cool iPhone tricks when you’re too busy to answer that phone call.

If you’re hitting the road this weekend, these free apps can help keep you and your family safer.

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