Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them too.


A book vending machine! We love this idea.

How tech helped during the UCLA lockdown this past week.

With so much guilt about screen time, parents, here’s something that you will make you feel good about it.

Here are 11 of the coolest audio Father’s Day gifts for dad.

Speaking of Father’s Day gifts, here are some fabulous ideas for turning your favorite photos into awesome Father’s Day gifts.

We’re riveted by the Reply All podcast’s “On the Inside” series that’s a little first season Serial-esque. Keep ’em coming, guys!


The new emojis are coming and we're very excited


These new emojis are coming and we’re very excited.

Everything you needed to know about Snapchat. Wow, great post.

A tent that charges your phone + lots more cool gadgets for camping lovers.

A cool way to use tech to make one of the most meaningful gifts for that favorite teacher, special dad… And, it’s free!

Our kids’ new favorite podcast: Story Pirates! We hear them all the time on Sirius Kids XM 78, but now, all the time on our phones.


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