Here are some of our favorite links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


10 fantastic online resources for curious kids, all of them free!

Even cooler stuff you can do with Tripit: rate your flight right from their mobile app!

Fun: Free Minecraft coding tutorials created for Hour of Code.

Twitter finally rolls out their anti-harassment tools.

The world’s largest Lego store just opened and whoa.

This fantastic app for kids teaches them empathy and self-reflection.


The new Star Trek clothing line from Think Geek and Her Universe

It’s here! The new Star Trek clothing line from Think Geek and Her Universe. And in plus sizes too, yay!

Here’s what happens when flattery goes way too far on social media. Eep.

Excellent read: This op-ed on the Facebook fake news situation.

Good news! A few new parental controls on the popular YouTube Kids app so many kids use and love.

Speaking of which, this new Chrome extension will help you flag fake news sites on Facebook.

A fantastic database of causes and charities that need your support.

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