Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them too.


Okay, this new mini NES classic console is the best holiday gift ever.

We are loving the new mannequin challenge. This one takes the cake!

Would you have recognized this man’s voice if he was your uber driver? So cool!

This man hacked Alexa into a wall-mounted singing fish and it’s the best thing ever.

Someone hacked the Google Pixel in 60 seconds. Oops.


The new emojis for 2017 via emojipedia

Very cool new emojis are on the way. (Image via emojipedia)

Will Instagram be adding a live video feature soon?

Shoppers, watch out for these fake shopping apps.

This new service might help keep your kids safer on their gadgets.

Gmail and Google just got a whole lot better on iOS. Yay! (via swiss miss)

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