Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy too.


We had a blast meeting cool kid inventors this past week, including Alexis Lewis (above). Check out our Facebook Live to see them talk all about their amazing inventions.

The only thing missing from this Super Mario Bros. made from Legos is a tiny plumber.

Why this writer told his friends to stop using WhatsApp.

Here’s why so many people are crowd funding Hidden Figures screenings.

How should to fix a waterlogged phone with silica packets. Whoa!

Watch out for this phishing scam, Gmail users.

A funny cell phone store prank. Don’t show your kids. Heh.

Is your private information on this public site? Yikes.


Cool STEM kits for kids

STEM building sets that empower girls to engineer their futures.

This maker box combines digital and real world play.

This French artist turned her Silicon Valley misadventures into a comic.

You won’t believe how many people have been harassed online.

5 fun, STEM-based science bath toys for kids.

These are awesome: Harry Potter cookie cutters!

A geeky vending machine you just have to see.

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