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Do your uber-tech-savvy kids know what a vinyl record is? This little girl can’t understand why her dad would want a record for Father’s Day, and we can’t stop laughing at her despair. (Top photo: screenshot from Katie Stauffer’s Instagram video)

Need more gift inspiration? Here are some quick Father’s Day gifts you can make online, and other ideas for easy last-minute presents.

We’ve got plenty of tech gifts for Father’s Day for you fast shoppers.

Or, buy him an app! Here are some apps that kids and dads can play together.

This father created an inventive website that might help you find your dream home.

This farting iPhone-controlled minion might be exactly what your dad wants for Father’s Day. Or not.

Check your father’s iPhone playlist: do his musical tastes reflect his parenting style?

And then listen to these songs about dads.

Do you agree with this list of the top dads in science fiction and fantasy?

This dad attempted some phone-free parenting. (Remember our Editor Kristen explored smartphone addiction, too!)

These addiction experts say giving a kid a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine.

Have you heard of “brain hacking”? Tech insiders say you should beware.

The App That Does Nothing | The Atlantic

Here’s an app that does nothing, and why you might need it. (Photo: Ian Bogost)

Check out these educational videos your tweens and teens will actually love.

Find the perfect emoji every time!

This guy sends caring messages to strangers on social media: cool or creepy?

And would you accept parenting advice from Instagram?

We love these cool summer STEM activities.

Now your wrist can celebrate Pride with this Apple Watch pride band.

This man created an app to randomize his life.

Instagram announced better disclosure of sponsored posts and new face filters.

NASA announced this week the selection of its elite members of the 2017 astronaut class. Congrats!

Thank you to The Mom Hour for including us in their podcast on smart tech and family travel.

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