Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

This father went above and beyond, with this Star Wars snowspeeder he made for his daughter to take to school. Top Photo by John Stoddard.

Whatever issues Uber has had, kudos to them for offering free rides to the UK polls for voters with mobility issues.

What happens to websites created only for short-term viral fads?

Looking for Father’s Day gifts? We’ve got tech gift ideas for any type of dad.

Some people think Apple’s new HomePod speaker looks like a roll of toilet paper. Heh. But here’s what the HomePod can do for you.

We wish we had this problem in the U.S.A.: Sweden is so good at recycling, they have run out of trash.

Hooray! Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV.

Telemarketers can leave you a voicemail without your phone ringing. Not cool.

QR codes have dramatically changed social habits in China. Could the U.S. be next?

This dying star doesn't look real | Pop Sugar Tech
This dying star doesn’t look real.

One father claims this innovative toothbrush ended his brushing battles with his toddler.

Don’t forget to download this summer roadtrip playlist. It is available only until June 11th.

Maybe not the safest science fair project, but here’s how to start a fire with a sandwich bag of water.

Important tips on educating kids about digital citizenship.

MIT researchers have developed a shape-shifting pasta that transforms in water. Amazing!

A new discovery suggests humans are 100,000 years older than previously thought – whoa!

If your child envies your stylish FitBit, consider getting them one of these new kid-friendly wearable health trackers.

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