Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

A great gift for your favorite gamer: Super Mario cosmetics!

A young accidental paleontologist makes an important discovery.

How to use our favorite kitchen gadgets to help keep the oven off during those hot days.

Google Maps now tracks pollution.

We wish this app were not necessary.

This restaurant is lending diners equipment to better photograph their meals.

Star Wars Monopoly adds Rey. Finally!

Paintball Hero animal rights game

This animal rights activist created a game in hopes of triggering real-life change.

No need to drive to a museum: view art via text.

R.I.P. Microsoft Paint. BUT WAIT…The Internet brought it back!

Here’s what happened when one father put an Amazon Dot in his car.

And you can add bluetooth to an old car, too.

Winnie the Pooh is censored in China. Here’s why.

When ording a pizza via app fails hilariously.

Fun, DIY emoji photo booth props

Don’t miss these fun, DIY emoji photo booth props!

An eight-year-old reviews Nintendo Switch.

Send a paper postcard to Grandma using tech.

An attempt to make light of the sexist reactions to the new Doctor on Doctor Who.

Those of you waiting for an eco-friendly SUV, your day has come: Bollinger Moters announced the first all-electric SUV.

Could practicing on robot babies help inmates hone their fathering skills?

Recall alert: these hoverboards may catch on fire.

Your roomba knows the layout of your home. How do you feel about iRobot selling that data?

Don’t just have a regular dog door: here’s why you need a smart pet door.

Thanks to the first ever cochlear implant sound processor, those with cochlear implants can use their devices directly to stream music and take phone calls – wow!

Get the best view of the solar eclipse. Don’t forget to buy solar eclipse glasses or request free solar eclipse glasses!

Melding sci-fi and parenthood: Here are some dystopian novels that tackle motherhood.

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