Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Hands up: how many of you wish you had this Nintendo-themed game room in your home?

This manufacturer will only sell electric cars starting in 2019.

Here’s how to stock your vacation rental kitchen so you can enjoy unplugging for a bit. Or maybe you’ve banned screen time altogether like Kristen?

Crank up your iPod and use The Hamilton instrumentals to put on a show.

Hooray! One in four Google employees in leadership roles are women.

Who needs VR when you have a dad like this?

And no need to visit a theme park with this dad, either.

How to reverse the effects of hunching over a laptop.

Kids are better at techology than tying their shoes, says this study.

Monopoly Gamer Edition

Mario fans: Don’t miss this new version of Monopoly.

Who is the most popular video game character in your state?

How to make your own smart speaker.

Wearable tech that we didn’t know we wanted (and maybe still don’t.)

As kids embrace digital technology, their artwork is becoming worse, says this study.

Some of our favorite things come from Facebook ads, but this ad replacement tool is pretty funny.

Cool deal: While supplies last, CMP fave, IAmElemental is offering three of their original Series1/Courage action figures for the price of two.

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