Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Periodic table TOMS! ZOMG! (Reward style affiliate)

Here’s why you should turn off all your push notifications immediately.

And here’s how to turn off notifications and other tips for how to make your phone less distracting.

Cell phones are banned at crosswalks in Honolulu. Will other cities follow?

Here are some facts about online predators you need to know.

Yet another study claiming that violent video games do not cause violent behavior. Are you convinced?

Don’t like LED bulbs? Here’s why.

Don’t get attacked at the car wash!

A4size-ska on deviantArt

Alas, some of the best space pictures are fakes. Boo!

But, we’ll drink to this! Space is full of alcohol.

Warning: some companies are selling fake solar eclipse glasses.

So check out the solar eclipse glasses we found, or request free solar eclipse glasses from your local library.

Be sure to find out how much of the solar eclipse will be visible from your location.

And no matter where you are in the world, you can appreciate these solar eclipse themed gifts.

This planet doesn’t actually orbit the sun. Surprised?

Marian Diamond, the neuroscientist who made important discoveries studying Einstein’s brain has passed away.

Harry Potter golden snitch fidget spinner

Harry Potter fans you need to get your hands on this fidget spinner!

Could this smart water cooler enhance your office or home?

Hit it big as a YouTuber and get this fun recognition.

YouTube Red and Google Play Music are becoming one in the same.

Don’t miss our picks for the best family-friendly Netflix shows new in August.

Meanwhile, Spotify and Michelle Obama are teaming up to help kids prepare for college.

Be sure to check out this kids’ sketch comedy show satirizing various forms of digital media.

Exercised-powered entertainment: you can only watch if you are exercising.

Science says we should go to the beach.

Are you surprised? Fewer American homes have a television set.


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