Here are some of the coolest tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


New Android emoji from the new Oreo OS! The mermaid is killing us.

Amazing solar eclipse photographs captured Monday.

Ready for the next one? Bookmark the paths of the next 15 total solar eclipses.

Oof: Check out this popular Google search after the eclipse. Better not be any of our kids searching.

Poor Netflix: Sorry the eclipse made you sad.

If the eclipse has gotten your kids space-crazy, get in the kitchen together and bake some these fun space-themed treats.


Nintendo’s Mini Super NES Classic Is Now Available For Pre-order | Fatherly

Game on: Nintendo’s Mini Super NES Classic is available for preorder, whoo!

Alas,¬†the harassment of women in tech is America’s not-so-dirty secret.

Is this Facebook etiquette guide for mom groups necessary?

While it’s a PR stunt, this is one¬†fascinating reason a prominent political figure wants to buy Twitter.

Fun ways to use tech to encourage kids’ imaginations.

Keep the kids entertained with these fun STEM projects using stuff from your recycling bin.

A Braille tablet! This is incredible!

You can engrave macarons with this small laser engraver run by an app. Should you have some immediate macaron engraving needs, as we often do, bien sur.

Whoa: How kids can hold a hologram in their hands.

Would you take your grandpa speeding around in a Tesla?


MIT’s Robogami lets you build custom 3D-printable robots from standard, folding parts | TechCrunch

Love the story behind these Custom 3D printed robots.

Fun space fact: raining diamonds is a real thing.

Powerful note to employees by Apple CEO Tim Cook about the violence in Charlottesville.


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