Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

As we get ready for back-to-school season, Star Wars Moleskines? Yes, please!

Some say smartphones have destroyed a generation, while this scientist claims kids are going to be okay.

But truthfully, we are a little worried about how tech-supported FOMO impacts our kids.

Here are some strategies to tackle FOMO.

Can social media assist our own self-discovery?

Inclusion in tech is a hot topic this week.

How moms are ruining Facebook.

Your brain processes reading a paper book differently than it does an e-book.

We may be widely-connected virtually, but real-life loneliness is killing people.

Limited edition Coach Space collection

August 21st is nearly upon us! Make sure you are ready to view the solar eclipse with solar eclipse glasses, solar eclipse party supplies, fun space-themed gifts (a Coach space bag, anyone?) and heed these expert tips.

And, surprisingly enough, here’s how to get a fantastic solar eclipse shot using just your smartphone.

The solar eclipse is already altering real-world behavior.

We’re eager for Stranger Things to return, but in the meantime this Stranger Things cookbook can tide us over.

Don’t miss these technologically-advanced new breast pumps.

Would you drop the dough for a gold Blackberry?

Fabulous news: Redhead emojis are coming!

Is the new iPhone really orange?

Sunglasses that generate energy

These sunglasses actually generate energy while you wear them.

Don’t miss it: these photography plug-ins are currently free.

Science is truly beautiful.

Future tech policy is all about CATS.

Don’t be a victim of smishing.

Disney is pulling its content from Netflix to start its own streaming service.

More bad news from Disney: they have been accused of spying on kids through their apps.

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