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Hurry! Download the Star Wars app and get yourself to one of the landmarks supporting Star Wars augmented reality through September 3rd. Not near one of these places? Check out other people’s photos tagged #FindtheForce and #ForceFriday.

Lenovo’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges also provides a fun AR experience.

We’re excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi . Watch out for BB-9E, the evil version of beloved BB-8!

And our own Delilah Dawson’s new book Phasma details the history of Captain Phasma.

Don’t miss the Star Wars drones that are sure to be a popular holiday present.

Head on down to an Apple store for free Star Wars-themed sessions.

Is Snapchat Ruining Museums? | Acculturated

Is Snapchat ruining museums?

Yet, Snapchat has been useful in documenting flood damage.

People caught in the flood used online media to plea for help.

This app used to be hot, but now that it lost its entire Board, perhaps it is not.

IKEA is getting into the augmented reality game with its new shopping app.

Alexa can already do some pretty amazing things, and so we’re thrilled that new kids skills are being added to the Echo with familiar characters from popular shows like SpongeBob Squarepants and Sesame Street.

Reversible sequin

Mermaid pillows and emoji, unite!

Check out the new back to school programming on Sirius XM!

Legally, your Facebook friends aren’t actually friends.

Beware: your favorite social media apps are selling your personal data.

Be careful, colleges do watch applicants’ social media. This student’s admissions offer was rescinded when she was caught in a lie online.

Does your child’s school teach digital citizenship?

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