Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

We love this amazing combo rocking horse 74-Z Speeder Bike fit for a tiny Princess Leia Organa. [Photo: Tex Gelmir on Instructables]

This high-schooler is shaking up artificial intelligence.

Is the new Amazon Key service cool or creepy?

Stranger Things 2 is here! (And here are some fun Stranger Things party ideas, if you’re going to watch tonight)

Science tells us your daydreamer is a smarty pants.

Bad news for those who were looking forward to foldable phones.

The science behind how to beat carnival games (or how you know to just walk away).

You can now buy LEGO minifigures that look like your kids | Funky3DFaces

Simultaneously funny and freaky: personalized LEGO minifigures. [Photo: Fatherly using Funky3DFaces]

Bet you didn’t learn these cool science facts in school.

Very cool: using plastic bottles to reinforce concrete.

Who would have expected so many people would rush to read a doctoral thesis?

Your child’s artwork could be in NASA’s 2018 Commercial Crew calendar. But hurry! The contest ends November 2nd.

This asteroid may be from outside our solar system.

An interview with our own Delilah Dawson on creating Star Wars’ Captain Phasma’s backstory.

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