Here are some of the coolest tech links around the web this week. We hope you like them too. 

All the details on the upcoming Women of NASA LEGO set! Finally!

Online dating may be changing the American family in positive ways. Including Tinder.

Whoa – Netflix is releasing 30 original animĂ© series in 2018.

The world’s biggest selfie machine is insane.

Cheering this young female inventor for winning America’s Top Scientist.

Screen time is no longer primarily a television. So what is it?

Can’t stop browsing all the Star Wars themed treats and recipes from Jenn Fujikawa on the official Star Wars site.

Thank you Spotify, for its groundbreaking new parental leave policy which includes egg-freezing costs.

This 3-D printed bridge can hold 40 trucks? What?

So glad to see our own Delilah S. Dawson’s Star Wars: Phasma book getting great reviews! (Besides ours, of course.)

Nerds want to know why Captain America’s shield bounces.

Arianna Huffington released a new app that lets you humblebrag about being unplugged. Hm.

Thanks to PureWow for including Spawned with Kristen + Liz on their list 7 of the best podcasts for parents. We’re in great company!

The flag is getting more respect than women right now, and we’re calling it out.

A note of sincere thanks to all the women (and men) using social media to speak out against sexual harassment, and demand accountability and change.


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