Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Google Maps found the Millennium Falcon! [Photo: Google Maps]

Here’s how to fix that iPhone bug that’s driving everyone crazy.

How artificial intelligence is controlling us.

How “parennials” turn to apps to help raise their children.

Can VR give foster parents greater empathy for childhood trauma?

Do you need an emoji translator?

Don’t drop your iPhone X!

A big downside of streaming-only shows.

Uber Partners With NASA to Bring Flying Taxis to LA by 2020

Flying Ubers are coming! [Image: Uber]

Treadmills on your shoes!?

Don’t miss the chance to own the classic giant piano dance mat from FAO Schwarz.

Watch out for this make-up removing app, that plays into the idea that women who use cosmetics are deceptive.

If you take photos of yourself in a bra, beware of this iPhone “feature”.

If you’re #Team140forever, use this Chrome extension.

Harry Potter fans, your version of Pokemon Go is ready to fly in 2018!

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