Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

6 of the most fun Santa apps for kids.

The 10 best tech deals on Amazon right now. But hurry!

This dad created a test to “scientifically” determine naughtiness or niceness for Santa purposes.

What an experience it would be to watch The Last Jedi while actually in space!

Here’s why this author of color prefers The Last Jedi to The Force Awakens.

Hooray for this skilled pilot’s GPS-drawing of a Christmas tree.

We’re excited for the growing cord-free trend.

Mario Build-a-Bear | Nintendo Life

Now you can bring Mario and his friends home from Build-a-Bear!

Harry Potter fans: here’s a new chapter about your favorite wizards, created by AI-generated text prediction.

It is the end for this once-popular messaging system.

The latest on “we’re all going to die because of our cellphones” news.

Yet even Facebook admits that social media is bad for us.

How to encourage STEM skills with your child, even if you don’t feel confident in your own skills.

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