Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Trying to avoid too much tech when school is unexpectedly out? Bookmark these screen-free snow day activities, like the Star Wars snowflakes from Anthony Herrera Designs pictured above.

And don’t let the Star Wars fans in your family miss this simulated space explosion

Mark it on your calendar: a super blue blood moon is coming on January 31st.

This smart toothbrush might be good for heart-health.

Do you charge your smartphone incorrectly?

Here’s how to check if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced. And how to get a new battery for a discounted price. Thanks, Apple!

Don’t bring your Apple Watch into the hospital!

Central Charging Hub | Tech Organization in 2018

Don’t miss these tech tips to help you organize in 2018.

Do you need an app to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions?

And be sure to declutter your email inbox for the new year, too. Here’s Liz’s smart Gmail hack that really works.

We want this laundry-folding robot.

Make healthy digital lives a prioroity for your kids.

Yikes! Face ID may easily be hacked by family members.

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