Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

An odd, intriguing future technology: Elastic electronic skin. What?

We’re excited for the upcoming Mario encyclopedia! (Though we may still prefer to have Super Mario Cereal)

Whoa: Hasbro is taking a page from LEGO Lab meets Kickstarter with a  crowdfunding site for Star Wars toys.

More of a JK Rowling fan? Put this cool Harry Potter Goblet of Fire behind-the-scenes tour on your travel list!

Oops: Did Kylie Jenner just totally destroy Snapchat?

Guess what the best selling electronics toy of 2017 was? Hint: it was one of our recos for the top tech toys of the year.

Level Smart Glasses Activity Tracker | VSP rewards
Love these smart glasses that do some really cool things. (No, not like Google Glass.) [Photo via VSP Global]

Remember when Kristen went phone-free for a week? Here’s some more great advice how to kick a cell phone addiction.

Cheering for this high-school student who 3-D printed a robotic arm  for his father.

Fans are puzzled by Pikachu’s interesting makeover in the latest Pokémon game.

Why you may want to pass on standing desks — who knew!

Need a break from the news? Here’s this week’s crop of viral cats for your enjoyment.

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