Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

There’s so much talk about violent video games (again), but the research is in: science shows violent video games do not cause kids to be violent. Worth a read.

Loving these 10 girl power phone cases that make you your own woman worth celebrating this month.

Has Alexa laughed at you? If so, you’re not alone.

More things Alexa can do: Laugh at your cooking! (Just kidding.) Take a look at these amazing kitchen tech trends for 2018.

Obama + Netflix! We’re in!

Enter this NASA contest for a chance to touch the sun… sort of. Whoa.

Fun to think about: What’s something from science fiction you wish were science fact?


Congratulations to Mark Hamill for his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Harrison Ford also honored Carrie Fisher. Be still our Star Wars loving hearts.

And hey, this young Star Wars fan has Mark Hamill on her side!

Nintendo Bags that are perfect for gamers

Found the perfect messenger bag or backpack for a gamer.

How old should a child be to use Instagram?

Before you sign them up, first read this: The science behind kids’ tech addictions.

A real-Life Chuck Bartowski! Turns out the Geek Squad staffer who helped you at Best Buy might be working with the FBI. (But in a good way, really.)

Could there be hope for women in the male-dominated tech industry?

PSA: Change your smoke detector batteries today! Right now. This second.

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