Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them too! 

This amazing iPhone recycling robot safely extracts parts from old phones that can be reused.

Meanwhile, this robot is an expert at assembling IKEA furniture.

A cool new luggage collection that helps support girls in tech and STEM. Awesome!

Some people enjoy running for exposure to nature, and then there are these tech-devoted folks.

Minecraft fans: beware of malicious virus-containing skins.

Yes, it exists: cryptocurrency for kids.

The creator of MLab, a technology-focused YouTube series, talks about how Black Panther is encouraging young Black women to go into tech.

Pikachu fans rejoice: Pokemon may come to the Nintendo Switch!

Apple Newton MessagePad
Do you remember the Apple Newton MessagePad? [photo via WikiCommons]

Retro tech continues to trend! Next up: an old-style Sega console.

This potential live video system brings “big brother is watching” to new heights.

Meanwhile, net neutrality is an important topic for which individual states are pursing their own laws.

Artificial intelligence is helping grow cockroaches. Don’t worry, there is a reason why this is a good idea.

Making coding accessible and fun: This new app teaches you Java while you play.

Soon, Netflix may be a destination in addition to a stay-at-home option.

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