We’re excited that one of our favorite Netflix shows, Stranger Things, is gearing up for its third season.

Stricter policy regulations means you’ll be reviewing a lot of privacy policy updates from your favorite apps.

And yes, you should talk to your kids about Cambridge Analytica.

Here’s yet another reason to go to Target.

Amazon Prime’s subscription price is going up, but there may be a way around it.

Got a child interested in Hip Hop Architecture Camp? They’ve added more locations to this free, STEAM-based summer educational experience.

Turn off Kids Facebook with Sleep Mode

Bravo! Facebook Messenger for Kids now has a “sleep” mode, even though we’re wary about the whole thing altogether.

Viewing the newest Marvel movie this weekend? Here are some things to discuss with your kids after seeing Infinity War.

We like when our tech is quiet.

Looking for more podcasts to listen to? Here are some that boost confidence! And don’t forget to subscribe to our own Spawned with Kristen and Liz podcast.

Here’s another reason why your kids may be on Twitch 24-7.

Don’t miss our Mother’s Day gift tech recommendations. (And we’ve got plenty of non-tech Mother’s Day gift ideas, too!)

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