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Turns out Siri can swear.

Plus, the swear jar goes digital! (top)

Pokemon designers finally come clean about the inspiration behind Pikachu.

We love this cooking app for kids.

Don’t miss this important announcement to update your Twitter password, STAT!

Bravo to these young Black women who are finalists in a NASA youth science competition.


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This Japanese airline has Star Wars themed planes.

But folks in the United States can get in on their own Star Wars action with this local multiplayer lightsaber duel VR game.

This young man is using the motorcycle Joy-Con to control his wheelchair. (Don’t miss other accessories from Nintendo Labo.)

A few cool, affordable techie Mother’s Day gifts. Wow!

These tech upgrades are totally worth the money.

Another story of an Apple Watch saving a life. This time, that of an athletic teen.

No, you don’t need to worry if your kids are playing Fortnite.

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