Here are some cool tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

We are excited for this new stamp release of astronaut Sally Ride.

President Trump can no longer block users from seeing his Twitter account.

A lively interview with the author of Geek Girl Rising.

Meanwhile, check out what your Twitter feed looked like ten years ago.

Don’t do this, or you could get banned from Amazon.

What you need to know about Cosmo After Dark on Snapchat, parents. (Note: Snap has since removed this channel).

Don’t want to unfollow? Mute instead!

 Star Wars Macarons from Semi Sweet

The perfect food for your Solo party.

Keep your kid’s brain sharp all summer long with these cool science activities.

Nintendo Labo and Game of Thrones fans, enjoy! (Don’t miss our look at the Nintendo Labo.)

This bullet train is made for Hello Kitty fans.

Be sure to bookmark these science activities for grade schoolers.

Sorry to report, using emoji to teach Shakespeare is not a good method. Do you agree?

Thoughts on the decline of Snapchat.

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