Here are a few cool tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Good news for privacy: yes, police must obtain a warrant to seach location data on cellphones. [photo: Alex Perez on Unsplash]

The future is here: use your iPhone to unlock your car.

Have you heard of YouTube’s new competitor, IGTV?

Genetic testing sites are becoming the new way to socialize online. (We tried three DNA tests to see how they compare!)

Just because you aren’t staring at it while driving doesn’t mean your phone isn’t dangerous to have beside you.

Wearable technology: fashion or function? (And what do you think of this new wearable temperature-controlling gadget?)

Nintendo Switch
130-year old Nintendo keeps reinventing itself, much to gamers’ delight. [photo: Corey Motta on Unsplash]

Yet Atari has run into some difficulty staying afloat. (But we are excited about the new Atari console coming out!)

Meanwhile, yes, Twitter is making a comeback.

Online shopping is about to get more expensive.

Who is your favorite Mario Kart character?

We may have to be patient before the release of more Star Wars films.

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