Here are some of our favorite links from this past week. We hope you find them interesting and useful! 

Here’s how to turn off the Instagram activity status feature.

Did you know about this new Google Maps feature? (Plus, more Google Maps features you should know)

Whoa! Mario Kart Hot Wheels are coming.

Have your Twitter followers gone down dramatically? Here’s why.

We are loving everything about the Girls Make Games National Demo Day.

Bandolier sale at Nordstrom

Yay, Nordstrom sale includes some hot tech accessories.

What you need to know about SnapChat’s new camera search.

What a great read: The Daniel Tiger Doctrine. Here’s our interview with the show’s creator, Angela Santomero.

We’re excited about these 70 new emojis!

What Netflix taught me about life. (via swiss miss)

We love when Twitter claps back about important issues. Like, why we need libraries!

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