Here are a few cool tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Here’s how to photograph fireworks so you’ll actually enjoy the pictures later. [Photo: colink on flickr via Wired]

And if you aren’t seeing them in person, check out this fireworks app. It’s great for acclimating kids before a live show, too.

Plus, check out these free Fourth of July wallpapers for your devices.

Hmmm, you might consider disabling internet access on your children’s Switch to avoid NSFW Super Mario Odyssey images.

Beware: Smart devices can be used to harrass the people at home.

You can add your favorite songs to your Instagram stories (and don’t miss how to use the new Instagram chat feature and how to post photos from your feed into your Instagram story).


Are you aware of local Twitter? (Hint: This tweet above appealed to teens in a major way. Can you see why?)

Oops! When security isn’t very secure.

Driverless grocery delivery is around the corner. Literally.

Drop your phone often? (D’oh!) Get one of these “air bag for your phone” protective cases.

A new idea for smartphone cameras: Are you game? (And here’s another cool future feature of phone cameras. It’s flashy too!)

Some tech is surprisingly not obsolete, even after spending 8 years under a couch.

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