Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you find them interesting and helpful. 

Keep an eye out for this iOS phishing scam that connects you with Apple Care.

Yes, it’s true. Parents are hiring Fortnite coaches. Our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook Group had a lot to say about it.

Facebook and Instagram launch a feature to help you track how much you’re on social media. Uh-oh.

This is apparently what people are obsessed with watching these days. Gross!

Nordstrom sale: Bandolier crossbody iPhone bag | Cool Mom Tech

Our favorite crossbody iPhone bag, now on sale!

2 fantastic and totally free reading resources kids will love.

Lots of cool backpacks for geeky kids in our Back to School Shopping guide!

These headphones block snoring. Whoa! (and yay!)

A helpful guide to the top video games that kids are playing.

How Google Glass could help kids with autism.

Photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash

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