I popped into my Paperless Post account to create an invite for an upcoming event I’m co-hosting and much to my surprise, I discovered they had launched a new Flyer feature. So instead of spending time and money creating and sending an invite (which for this event would have been a little over-the-top anyway), I made a free digital flyer that looks like I paid a lot of money to a graphic designer for.

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Currently in beta, the Paperless Post Flyers are sort of a mash-up of EventBrite and Evites, but with a whole lot of style and ease of design. You simple choose from the myriad designs, add your photos and copy (with character limits), and you’ve got a shareable digital flyer that you can email, text, or post to anyone on your list, all with trackable RSVPs. There are a bunch of fun features too, like moving text so your flyers aren’t just static digital images sitting in someone’s email box or phone screen.

The new Paperless Post Flyers | Cool Mom Tech

My only gripe is that I couldn’t send the flyers to an existing Paperless Post contact list, but perhaps that’s something they’ll add when they transition out of beta.

Overall, this is a fantastic new addition to a service I already use and love. But hey, if you’re not a Paperless Post fan, this might just be the feature that converts you. Yep, it’s just that awesome.

And PS: If you’re in the Philly area, you’re invited to the fun event in the main image! 


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