I’m not sure about you, but my kids are obsessed with Popsockets, so when I spotted these Swarovski crystal Popsockets grips, I knew exactly what I was adding to my daughter’s birthday list. You maybe a seen a few bling-y versions of Popsocket grips (or similar products) floating around, but this is the real thing.

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Swarovski Popsockets

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Available in four different colors (I’m partial to the Heliotrope myself), these crystal Popsocket grips are swappable, which means they come off for wireless charging, and can be changed, when your tween or teen (or you?) decide you’re ready for something else. And while I have yet to hop on the bandwagon myself, I do admit that when I use them on my daughter’s phone, I totally understand the appeal. Especially if you’ve got a 7 or 8+ phone like I do. That thing is big, and dropping it seems like a scarily regular occurrence.

They’re not cheap, but damn are they pretty!