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Kristen Chase, Publisher, Editor & CEO, is the original mastermind behind Cool Mom Picks and if any mom knows about tech as an organizational lifesaver, it’s Kristen. She’s balancing her role here with personal blogging, an addiction to online shopping, writing columns for publications like Alpha Mom and Lifetime Moms, and hosting shows including a popular web series on Cafe Mom.

Kristen has been cited by Parents Magazine as one of of the Top 10 Power Moms, and she appears on Babble’s 2010 list of the 50 Best Twitter Moms. Kristen has been featured on The TODAY Show and CNN, and in local and national publications discussing shopping, technology, and parenting culture.

Kristen tries to stay as cool as possible (in all senses of the word) while living in the Philly burbs and parenting her daughters Quinlan, Margot and Bridget, and her son, Drew.

Follow her on twitter at @CoolMomPicks, @CoolMomTech, @ThatKristen


Liz Gumbinner

Liz Gumbinner, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, is a born and bred New Yorker but without the accent. She has a background as a creative director in the Prada-mandatory world of advertising, and co-founded Cool Mom Picks with Kristen.

Liz was recently included in Forbes’ list of 25 working moms to follow on Twitter along with idols of hers like Katie Couric and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. She’s been named to lists of top online influencers by The Daily Beast, Nielsen, The New York Post, Babble, and Parents Magazine, and in 2011 she was awarded the prestigious AWNY Game-Changers Award from Advertising Women of New York. Liz has frequently be seen on programs like NBC’s TODAY Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Meredith Vieira, HLN, and local New York media discussing parenting trends, gear, technology, social media and culture. Once she talked about her underwear.

She is equally at home in the boutiques of Fifth Avenue, behind a fat red shopping cart at Target, and in the aisles of tech stores (especially the ones with the gaming demos!) but Liz can most often be spotted around her Brooklyn neighborhood grabbing a grilled cheese with her daughters, Thalia and Sage.

Follow her on twitter at @CoolMomPicks, @CoolMomTech, @Mom101



Christina Refford

Associate Editor Christina Refford spent more than a dozen years at some of New England’s top ad agencies, and now devotes her time outside Boston with three children who love sushi and impromptu disco dance parties. She especially loves to run outdoors in the winter which balances out all the time spent sitting in the car driving kids to theater, ballet, and fencing practices, while reviewing apps, gear, and all of our kids’ music submissions. Christina is on a mission to prove homeschooling can be cool and also knows the best sites for cool, free printables and educational YouTube channels like nobody’s business. And boy, she’s good at making lists. Lots and lots of lists.

Kate Etue

Associate Editor Kate Etue lives a pretty simple life in Franklin, Tennessee, a hip little suburb of Nashville. And yes, coastal-dwellers, they do have broadband and indoor plumbing. She’s a writer and book editor and mother of three gorgeous red-headed children who occasionally take breaks from soccer practice and dance recitals to throw down at the Wii. Kate is just starting to travel with her brood and actively seeks out tech to keep them engaged and happy. She, like so many parents, is grateful for every single app and e-book on her iPad. And there are lots.



Delilah S. Dawson

We think Atlanta mom and contributor Delilah S. Dawson is the reason geek rhymes with chic. Once upon a time, she ran galleries, taught art, and painted murals. Now she writes paranormal romance and young adult fiction for Simon & Schuster and dabbles in comics. She knows every reference to Star Wars, Dr.Who, Harry Potter and Twilight that you can throw at her and is constantly correcting our spelling of the word Wookiee. Her kids want to grow up to be a vampire and the Hulk, respectively. She couldn’t be prouder.

Stephanie Mayers

Stephanie Mayers is a Philly native now living in North Jersey and commuting daily to Brooklyn to help save the world through music–Stephanie has a sweet gig as Dan Zanes’ manager, and was an executive producer of the Kindiefest family music conference. She is a self proclaimed foodie who doesn’t get out to eat much but watches a lot of Top Chef and believes strongly in coffee, red wine and anything parmigiana. She loves checking out apps for kids and fun tech accessories. And of course, anything to help them listen to music. When she’s not working, she is at home with her cranky dog, hippie husband, scrappy 4 year-old daughter and brand new baby girl.


Stacie Billis

Stacie Billis is also known as One Hungry Mama, one of our all time favorite food blogs, and now she’s our very own Managing Editor of Cool Mom Eats. While she tends to focus on family-friendly recipes and the occasional indulgent Nutella-laden dessert, she also keeps her eye out for apps, gadgets and smart appliances that can help us in the kitchen. Or better, get us out of there faster.



Director of Ad Sales and Brand Partnerships Lisa Barnes is the first to admit she loves her job more than any person should. She’s seen advertising come a long way since her first job in radio pre-motherhood, and all things being equal, digital is more fun. Lisa lives north of San Francisco with her husband and three children–all of whom are nearly taller than she is. Aside from working with our fabulous sponsors (and they are!), Lisa stays in shape so she can keep up with her kids, never says no to a volunteer request, and loves cooking and entertaining, especially when someone else cleans up.


Kari Dahlen

Kari Dahlen saves our lives on a regular basis with all sorts of magical HTML know-how. She’s a dancer turned neuroscientist turned Northern California mother of two boys. She’s also a shoe-in for a role if Dance Moms decides to create a spin-off for competitive gymnastics, since she spends more time at her son’s gym than anywhere else. Kari has no Scottish in her blood, but lives for everything tartan. We love her.




Jon Armstrong is our staff photographer, as well as our digital strategist/developer and he is an honorary cool mom in every way. Even if he’s actually a cool dad. He doesn’t get frustrated when he has to explain things like server load state or php function call to the non-coders among us. We love him.




Laurie Smithwick of Leap Design made our pretty logo. We love her.

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