The best of CES 2018: Must-see picks for parents!

From cool coding toys for kids to swanky tech accessories, health tech + all the stuff you never knew you needed…until now.

Gentlemen, start your Roku

Previously posted on Cool Mom PicksWe're always on the look out for the perfect Father's Day gift, or heck, any occasion gift for the men in our lives who are often hard to shop for. And selfishly, we kind of like gifts that we can get some use out of too.If you've...

Animoto offers video editing a non-techy mother can love

Not to brag, but for a non-geeky girl I know my way around a computer.  I'm not even afraid to dive into code. But where it comes to video editing, I'm a complete dolt.So when I created my very own free (free!) 30-second video at animoto, I was astonished at the...

The iPhone app for babies, bottles, and boobs

Previously posted on Cool Mom PicksThe quip, there's an app for that has become completely cliche, but Baby Brain has gone and proven it again. And new moms will want to sit up and take note.They've created the ultimate iPhone app for tracking baby's vital stats and...

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How this free app will change the way you make your grocery shopping list.

If you're like me, you scramble to text your partner the items you need as you think of them, which makes for a pretty disorganized shopping list. But since discovering the AnyList app in our Recipe Rescue Facebook group, my grocery shopping list is the most organized...

The easy way to send a free ecard for Valentine’s Day. Make someone’s day!

Whether you forgot to grab a Valentine's Day card for the kids (or to the grandparents "from" the kids?), have a Galentine pal who would love to her from you today, or are thinking about sending a sexy "shape of things to come" message (ahem) to your sweetheart before...

Is MoviePass good for families? We tried it! | Damn you, Facebook Ads series

When I first heard about MoviePass on Facebook, I thought it sounded a little too good to be true. All the movies you could possibly see, for just $9 each month? That's crazy, considering how much it currently costs us to see movies in the theater with four kids (or a...

7 fitness apps for busy parents, or anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time.

Life is short, and now is the best time to do something for yourself and your health.

4 must-download medical apps for families during cold and flu season

Cold and flu season is on us, and wow, this is a bear. We've seen you stressing out on Facebook and Instagram, and we're right there with you. To help, we've found some medical apps for families that might bring a little peace of mind. These apps can help you analyze...

The Best of the Best Educational Apps

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