The best ever, super simple trick for taking better selfies

Even our serious techie friends see us doing this and say, “whoa!”

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If your kid is struggling with math, these apps can help

Find 18 of the very best math apps, from K through college. Some are actually fun!

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

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A new study about kids and social media: The news is...good!

If you’ve got tweens or teens using social media, you’ll want to read this new study of kids 13-17.

Peace Tech and Harmony

While Cool Mom Tech has now been up and running for a whole month now (whoo!) this past week, we were excited to make things official with a bi-coastal launch party. No easy undertaking, when you consider Liz, Kristen + Beth have 9 children between the three of us,...

Earphones to protect hearing. And possibly, relationships.

Zachary, could you come here please? Zachary...Zach, hello, I'm speaking to you. ZACH! Sound familiar? It can't be just my kid who ignores me for all kinds of reasons, but the last thing I'd ever want as a reason is for him actually being unable to hear me....

Power Up, baby

If you play as much Mario Kart in your house as we do in ours (I mean uh, when we're not listening to NPR) you will probably weep little animated tears of joy at this Power Up onesie I found on etsy. Made by a doting auntie for her future Luigi-loving nephew, the...

3 tips for new iPad owners of the parent variety

A couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and purchased an iPad. I'm far from what I would call a gadget geek, but given my husband's traveling schedule and my new job as "homeschool educator," I figured that it would come in handy for our family. And since finally...

Looxcie Ma, no hands!

Having recently armed myself with a video camera packed with the features a mom on the go needs (image stabilization, face capture, full HD, foot rubs on demand) I was ready for every spontaneous moment my kids could dish out. School play? Ready. Winning goal? Ready....

Long live Alexander McQueen. As a laptop case.

As we've been noticing for some time now, designer fashion is expanding beyond clothes and into technology. If handbag designers can make accessories to hold your keys, then why not your laptop too, right? The latest entry is from no other than late fashion icon...

An iPad app to make math as fun as Bingo

We've only had our iPad for a week now, and already my homeschooled daughter and I are reaping the benefits thanks to so many of the cool, educational games we've discovered. Some of which, like Math Bingo, can be a fantastic addition to what can be a pretty one...

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