4 awesome YouTube alternatives for kids of all ages

Looking to ditch YouTube after all their safety issues? We’ve got 4 options that parents love. 

What are the best screen time management approaches? We've got 5!

Get the scoop on 5 of the best approaches to managing your kid’s screen time, without losing your mind. 

The cat in the app

For the past few months, my kids have been obsessed with an app that has them yelling, singing and -- yes -- screaming at a cat who then repeats everything back to them in his own weird voice. Harmless fun but no redeeming educational value. Or so I thought.Then, at...

An app to help you remember whats-his-name

I know all the tricks that are supposed to help you remember people's names: Say it within 10 seconds of meeting someone, come up with a mnemonic, or what I most often resort to, never, ever use their name in conversation.Well here's one more trick: A new iPhone app...

Geek? Chic.

Halloween is just barely behind us which means at Cool Mom Tech, we're already on the lookout for the most fabulous holiday gifts for the tech-inclined. Of course we're not limiting the search to the electronics department of major stores; not when there are so many...

What you should know about YouTube's pedophile problem.

Here’s what parents need to know about a recent disturbing YouTube discovery.

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

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Our most popular podcast episodes of 2018

Is your resolution to listen to more Spawned with Kristen and Liz this year? We love you! And hey, we’ve got some popular episodes to help you know where to start.

7 Tips and Tricks for a High-Tech Halloween

Yesterday, our Editor-in-Chief Liz Gumbinner, along with GeekDad editor Ken Denmead, shared some fabulous ways to make your Halloween high tech with ABCNews.com.Unfortunately, we're not talking about a mechanical arm to give out your candy, or a way to suck all the...

Wearing your social media on your sleeve. Or lapel.

By all accounts, geek is chic, and if there's any doubt then just poke around Etsy these days and see how technology is inspiring design and fashion. Case in point: the handmade felt badges from Sunflower Express. These one-inch wide  handmade felt social media pins...

Epiphanie – A revelation in camera bags

Even though I own and love my Canon Rebel XLR, I tend to only rely on my iPhone and save the fancy camera for special occasions. It's mostly because, well, I just don't have the room in my bag. Besides, the last thing I need is for my precious to get covered in snack...

Peace Tech and Harmony

While Cool Mom Tech has now been up and running for a whole month now (whoo!) this past week, we were excited to make things official with a bi-coastal launch party. No easy undertaking, when you consider Liz, Kristen + Beth have 9 children between the three of us,...

Earphones to protect hearing. And possibly, relationships.

Zachary, could you come here please? Zachary...Zach, hello, I'm speaking to you. ZACH! Sound familiar? It can't be just my kid who ignores me for all kinds of reasons, but the last thing I'd ever want as a reason is for him actually being unable to hear me....

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