animoto online video editing service
Not to brag, but for a non-geeky girl I know my way around a computer.  I’m not even afraid to dive into code. But where it comes to video editing, I’m a complete dolt.

So when I created my very own free (free!) 30-second video at animoto, I was astonished at the results.

Just upload photos, add a few text slides, choose music (or upload your own, but be mindful of copyright laws), and let animoto
take care of the rest. And by rest, I mean wow, this is some
professional looking video in just seconds. Then email it to Grandma,
embed it, burn it to DVD — you name it, it’s all yours.

videos will cost you a whole $3, which is about the price of a Hallmark card
these days, or if you plan on making tons of them you can get an
unlimited annual membership for $30 a year or $5 a month. Totally worth it.

There’s also an animoto iPhone app,
so you can actually create an animoto video on your iPhone while you’re
waiting for soccer practice to end. Take all those kid photos your
mother’s been pestering you to send her and make a video for the holidays or her next birthday.

She’ll appreciate it way more bunch of overpriced
mums. Although you might want to get those too. -Julie

Need a great last minute gift? Find free animoto video editing at or download the animoto iPhone app

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