10 cool girl power phone cases for International Women's Day and beyond

While we’re celebrating women all month long (and all year long, really) there’s something powerful about celebrating yourself. Find the girl power phone case that speaks to you, then go forth and conquer!

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Spring clean your tech: Here's how!

From degermifying your screens to organizing your inbox, fixing up that home office, and tossing or recycling those 2006 Blackberries, we’ve got all the tips and resources to help.

The Best of the Best Educational Apps

Vincent van Gogh. Now in HD.

Missing ear. Posthumously famous. Misunderstood misanthrope. Obviously I'm talking about Vincent van Gogh (and hopefully no one you actually know). If you want to bring the brilliant painter to life (you know, again) I've found a wonderful interactive, biographical...

Fun Valentine’s Day tech gifts for $75 or less

Now that Valentine's Day is just a few days away, we look at it as one more thoughtful opportunity to give a coveted gadget to that special someone. I love any excuse to give (or ahem, get) a tech gift. And it definitely has more longevity than flowers. So in the...

LumiKids Snow: Free app of the week

Welcome to our new weekly series on Cool Mom Tech that introduces you to some of our favorite free apps to download to your devices. Because as much as we love all the useful, fun, and entertaining apps we recommend here, admittedly we love them even more when they're...

Shop through apps, get Valentine’s deals. Nice!

If you're an iOS user, check out iTunes and you might be interested to see a new category called Valentine's Deals with Apple Pay. Well, at least I was interested so I took a closer look. And it seems that as an incentive to use Apple pay through your device -- which...

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