How Our Readers Are Using It: Pinterest

How You're Using It: PinterestIf you follow us on Twitter, it’s pretty clear from our links that we’re completely addicted to Pinterest, a virtual cork board that allows you to “pin” online inspiration and share it with others.

We’ve been using it both for Cool Mom Picks and now, slowly, for Cool Mom Tech, to share everything from cool stuff for photographers to tech that’s gorgeous. We especially love it for offering up gift or holiday ideas, and this month our Valentine’s Day board has been so much fun!

Whether you’re new to the site or you’re a Pinterest pro, you might be surprised at how people are using it to help make their lives easier.

So we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans to share how they’ve been using Pinterest, and as usual, we were blown away by the smart, creative responses.

And if you’re new to the site, don’t miss our helpful How to get started on Pinterest tips over at Cool Mom Picks.

– It’s my new Google. I go there first for recipes, ideas, fashion, ideas. It’s all there! -@karenchatters

- I’ve used Pinterest throughout my entire pregnancy to get my nursery room ideas, maternity photos ideas, and now I’ve started a baby fever board that has ideas for her future birthday parties, cakes, crafts! – Allie H.

- I can honestly say it’s made me a better parent! I don’t have the time
to scour home-school websites for projects and activities to do with my
almost 4 year old while my 13 month old naps on his non-preschool days
but with Pinterest I’ve been able to provide him with lots of fun,
educational activities instead of plopping him down in front of the the
TV because he’s bored with me/his toys. -Sharon B.

cool mom tech on pinterest

- I’ve been wanting to get an inspiration board up in my office. So far Pinterest has saved me from needing to wield a hammer! – @bostonmamas

- I’m a teacher. I love Pinterest because I can spend 10-15 minutes a
day pinning to my lesson plan board and have things ready at my
fingertips when I go to do my monthly planning. I no longer spend hours
searching the web and teacher resources for creative art projects or new
math worksheets. -Ashley H.

- We just bought a new house and have been pinning ideas for furniture, paint, rugs, and general design concepts. Friends and family can view my boards and weigh in with opinions. They can even pin their own ideas to my boards! It is a fun way to include others as we create our new home. -Betsy M.

- I’m sitting in my stylist’s chair RIGHT now. I used my phone to show her a board I made of hairstyles I want. – @miguelina

- A group of us addicts are having our first Pinterest Party tonight! We post ideas on a shared board, then choose a couple of the projects to do together. We will bring food and drinks that we found on Pinterest to try out together! -Jen C.

So tell us how you’re using Pinterest. And come find us! We’ve got boards for Cool Mom Tech and Cool Mom Picks.

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  • Reply February 13, 2012


    I use Pinterest as Google, too! Love the inspiration. I also used it to knock-out my Christmas shopping in about a day of browsing then buying online. And, I will be using it to plan all of my upcoming B-day Parties for the kids!

  • Reply February 25, 2012


    Really interested in Pinterest. Have asked for an invite but it is taking ages. Could one of you cool moms send me and invite, please?

    Thank you

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