If you’ve got a gadget-loving dad, we imagine he’ll appreciate this clever printable Father’s Day card that you can DIY with not all that much effort.  No hot glue guns, promise!

The very creative iDad card just requires printing and cutting lots of little “icon” windows with flaps that lift to reveal all that is near and dear to his heart. No, not photos of his gadgets–photos of the family.

The version as seen on She Knows will take some work, but if you want to make it easier on yourself you could just print the icons, skip the flaps, and make a funky looking “iDad” card. Or alternate the icons with a few pics of the kids and split the difference. Essentially, you can make it as easy or complex as you’d like–and the envelope is a nice touch.

Father's Day printable card for a tech dad

Now of course the iPhone lovers among us need to point out that these icons aren’t the actual iPhone icons. (In fact, some of them look pretty Androidy…) Which gives me another good idea: Print out some actual iPhone icons yourself to cut and paste. Or if he’s not an iDad type but more of an AndroidDad type or a WindowsDad type, you could simply search Google or Bing image for icons and have at it. –Liz

Find this printable iDad card tutorial for tech dads online from She Knows.

[thanks Christina!]

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