Day: November 1, 2012

The phone that holds the phone

Leave it to Jonathan Adler to take something high tech, make it look low tech, which then makes me want it. Like this old fashioned phone looking thing? Not really a phone at all. Actually it’s the Jonathan Adler smartphone dock which we loved earlier in white, and now it comes in a sleek black, just like the old rotary phones of yore that adorned my childhood home. (Dating myself, I know.) In my mind, black is way smarter for we parents of sticky-fingered children. It’s really a dock and not a charging station–you have to provide your own...

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Crafting on the go: the new iPad app from Craftsy

I am intermittently craft-crazy, with bouts of knitting and jewelry-making fever. Unfortunately, my skill set doesn’t always match up to my enthusiasm, as evidenced by the sweater I knitted for my son that took two years. (Yes, two years; the second year consisted of me adding panels to the original pattern because my kid insisted on growing.) Now, there’s an app for enthusiastic, if execution-challenged crafting amateurs like myself. Craftsy, the uber-popular home for online crafting classes in knitting, sewing, quilting, cake decorating and much more, has launched their iPad app, now available for free download.  Of course, free...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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