We found nearly 100 geeky pumpkin carving template -- all free!

From Marvel and Nintendo characters, to emojis, Star Wars, STEM and Doctor Who — you’ll have the coolest pumpkin on the block!

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7 simple tips for taking better photos at night, so your kids' costume pics come out scary good!

That is, if they’ll stand still enough after eating all those Snickers minis.

5 of the best Halloween apps to keep little fingers out of the candy

We love these kids’ apps that offer just the right amount of Halloween fun, without the gore.

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

The new iOS 12 features parents will want to put to use right now

From parental controls to time-trackers, be sure you iDevice users are putting these smart new features to use!

Ears warm, music on. Take that, winter!

I realize it's not quite earmuff weather, but there's nothing wrong with being prepared, especially when it comes to winter. That's why I'm sharing these adorable earmuff headphones from UGG now, so you can be ready when that first cold snap hits. Related: Listen to...

3 Apple accessories I can’t live without.

As an Apple family, we've seen various iterations of devices in our home over the years. And that means, different chargers, different ports, you get the idea. But that doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy a bunch of other cables and gadgets to accommodate the...

The Flo period app: Because yes, you really need one.

After experiencing all sorts of fun post-40 period symptoms, our friend Sarah James, from the Selfie Podcast, recommended the Flo app. Ironically, I'm a slow adopter to new apps; while I'm happy to try them and recommend them here, it takes a lot for me to continue...

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