Cover your walls with these inspiring women in STEM

These free posters celebrate lesser-known women in STEM. Let’s make them well-known, shall we?

5 Xbox parental controls you should know about

You might be surprised to know that Xbox has a bunch of solid parental controls to help make video game time a whole lot safer.

8 podcasts I’ve listened to this month

My name is Kristen. And I'm a podcast-a-holic. I am completely obsessed with podcasts now that I have a bit of a commute every morning and afternoon. I love finding new (or usually new-to-me) listens, so I hope my podcast recommendations (other than the obvious...

Why you should be playing video games with your kids

Research shows it’s actually good for you to play video games with your kids. 

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

Our most popular podcast episodes of 2018

Is your resolution to listen to more Spawned with Kristen and Liz this year? We love you! And hey, we’ve got some popular episodes to help you know where to start.

So why are we all still on Facebook again?

If we're all perfectly honest with ourselves, then we know that Facebook has presented many privacy issues for a long time now. We've been writing about Facebook privacy issues since we started Cool Mom Tech in 2010. That's nine years. NINE. A quick search of Facebook...

Got snow? The Snohub app can help you get rid of it.

With lots of snow falling around the country this week and temperatures at a ridiculous record-breaking low (and a bunch of snow days in our future), many of us will be finding ourselves outside shoveling and freezing our butts off in the process. That's why I wanted...

How to set a Live photo as your iPhone’s wallpaper

I tend to be the one who schools my husband on cool iPhone tips and tricks, but this time, he's the one who schooled me when he showed me how to set a live photo as my iPhone's wallpaper. I admit, I take a bunch of live photos, but don't ever watch them animate, so...

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