13 creative ways to help teens connect with friends

Are they getting bored with Facetime and Zoom? We’ve got some creative ideas that are teen-tested and approved! 

The 6 apps we use all the time

Beyond Twitter, that is. 

Tech Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

Parents, what if you just stopped managing screen time?

Over the last month, we've been getting bombarded with all sorts of posts about kids and screen time, from articles telling us that we've got a big problem on our hands to ways to feel okay about all the screen time. If you're like me, it feels like you're watching a...

The top 10 most popular Cool Mom Tech posts of 2020

Every year, we share our top 10 most popular posts on Cool Mom Tech. From the best podcasts for kids to customizing your iPhone 14 home screen, here are the posts we wrote this year that resonated the most with our readers in 2020. Also check out: The top 10 Cool Mom...

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