How do we teach our kids to make good commenting choices?

Have your kids ask themselves these simple questions before they comment, and teach them the concept of “owning your words.”

10 of the coolest online STEM camps for kids

So many options to keep kids busy and learning this summer.

How to use tech to document your family's stories

This year will go down in the history books. Use tech to help you pass on your story of 2020.

10 awesome online STEM camps for kids

Let's talk about online STEM camps for kids! The closure of so many summer camps has been -- let's face it -- a huge bummer. But the good news is that the virtualization of camp means families aren't limited by geography; you have your choice of a huge range of...

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

Is the new Spotify Kids app worth the extra money?

When I first heard about the new Spotify Kids app, I was pretty excited. Would this be the app that would wean my son from the Moana soundtrack and expand his musical horizons? Is this the app for kids who are ready for their own music, but not everything that the...

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