What if raising unplugged kids is a terrible idea?

This is a fascinating podcast interview with an expert who thinks we’re doing it all wrong. 

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

9 great educational YouTube channels to help keep minds sharp this summer

If they need a tablet break, steer your kids towards these wonderful channels. They all beat toy unboxing, promise.

Amazon Prime Day tech deals you won’t want to miss!

These days, July 15 and 16 means Amazon Prime Day. (Yes, it's two days this year.) We've been keeping an eye on the tech deals to see if they're worth the hype, and well, depending on what kind of gadget you're in the market for, they just might be. Here are a bunch...

A little extra security for your precious AirPods

I've been a longtime AirPods convert now, even convincing a few of our Cool Mom Tech staffers to give them a try. And while I love that there is no cord or cable attached, sometimes I wish I could just hang them around my neck when I need a little break rather than...

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